President`s Greetings

Hello and welcome to the website of the Judicial Policy Research Institute.
The Judicial Policy Research Institute was established in 2014 as an independent research institute under the Supreme Court and has published various books on judicial policy matters.

The Judicial Policy Research Institute conducts forward-looking, middle to long term research on judicial policy matters in order to provide a blueprint for the future of the judicial system. The Judicial Policy Research Institute carries out studies of the direction of policies on current judicial problems through the interdisciplinary and integrative research in law and other adjacent fields of studies.  Also, the Judical Policy Research Institute conducts structured research on judicial harmonization issues in preparation for unification, as well as comparative legal analyses of foreign justice systems.
Furthermore, the Judicial Policy Research Institute seeks to expand judicial exchanges with other countries, propagate overseas the judicial system of Korea, and contribute to the betterment of legal culture by providing legal education to students and the general public.
The Judicial Policy Research Institute strives to provide a policy vision of the future which responds to new social trends of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Please support our efforts in presenting a new future for the judiciary. 

Thank you.

President Hyunjoong KANG