JPRI Mission & Goals

Research Objective

Conduction future-oriented mid-to long-term research which lays out polices that the judiciary must strive towards in order to become a judiciary which serves the people with sincerity

Research Direction

Mid-to long-term researh which lays out blueprints for the judiciary
  • Systematic policy research regarding the improvement of the judicial and trial systems
  • Integrated research incorporating various studies involving the overlapping areas of the law and other fields of study
  • Research on unification-related judicial issues in preparation for unification
  • Research on the foreign judicial for the purpose of establishing judicial sytem which conforms to international standards
  • Research on legal education for the enhancement of citizens' understanding of the law and reliability of the judiciary
Professional research having global competitiveness
  • Professional, ethical, objective, practical and creative research
  • Initiative research to establish a realistic and practical judicial system predicated on appropriate ideals and theories
  • Leading research presenting a judiciary which corresponds to the demands of the new era
Research on forward thinking judiciary policies which meet the needs of citizens
  • Research of judiciary contributing to the healing and resolution of social conflicts and to social integration
  • Research on reinforcement of the welfare and guardianship functions of the court
  • Functioning as think tank of the judiciary for judical policy research contributing to world peace and prosperity of mankind
  • Research which responds to the demands changing judiciary environment and solves arising from unique situation of Korea